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 NAGRA Audio-Recorders

Nagra Audio designs, builds and markets a full range of portable digital audio recorders for Broadcast, Cinema, Music and Security professionals as well as a range of products for the High-End audiophile Hi-Fi industry.

Nagra equipment enjoys an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability and has received the most prestigious OSCAR and EMMY awards recognizing this achievement.





Nagra Seven

2-channel portable digital recorder The Nagra Seven has been designed as the successor to the Nagra LB, ARES-C,  ARES-BB+ and Nagra V recorders. It is a flexible device and can be adapted to a multitude of specific applications depending on the internal options installed. Based on an extremely high performance, simple to operate platform the addition internal I.S.D.N. or SMPTE/EBU time code boards adapt it to either the broadcast or film / TV markets. Optional WiFi / 3G, internal editor and audio compression are also available, to further dedicate the device for particular applications.

Nagra SD

2-channel hand-held recorder High quality solid-state audio recorder, the Nagra SD is designed initially for journalism, but can be used in any ultra-portable recording situation, and can replace MINIDISK©. Its recording media is a removable SD memory card, there is no limit to the card size allowed.  

It records PCM Mono or Stereo audio wav files or MPEG compression allowing for longer recording times (e.g. 278 hours on a 4 GB card 32 kbits/sec). The unit is powered by two “AA” batteries, offering in excess of 10 hours operation.



Nagra VI Portable

battery powered six-channel hard disk/compact flash digital audio recorder. Principal applications: On-Location Film / TV Production Portable Music Mastering / Wildlife recordings Special Features: 6-Channels, SMPTE Time code, 24/96, iXML compatibility, BWF files battery powered



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